Price List


Massage Therapy RMT
60 min $90
90 min $125

Warming Green Tea Indian Spice Oil H/N/S Massage
60 min $90
90 min $125

Wellness Body Treatments

Ocean Elements Body Balancing Ritual
90 min $135

Glacial Purifying Back Facial
60 min $95

Green Tea Seaweed Salt Glow
60 min $95

Wellness Facial Therapies

Acai Organic Power Facial
60 min $90
90 min $125

Mineral Boost Restorative Facial
60 min $90
90 min $125

Hand and Foot Treatments

Spa Manicure $45
Spa Pedicure $70
Shellac Add $10


Eyebrow $18
Lip $12
Eyebrow Tint and Wax $25

Included with your Massage and Wellness Treatments

Every massage and wellness treatment includes the option of one treatment add-on of your choice.

The add on treatments take approximately 20 minutes and are within the scheduled treatment time (e.g. if you have a 60 minute treatment, the treatment portion will be 40 minutes and the add on treatment will be 15-20 minutes).

Choose from the list below:

Canadian Forest Foot and Lower Leg Ritual

A healing and rejuvenating ritual for the lower body that incorporates the powerful benefits of Canadian forest evergreens and other nourishing actives. The treatment addresses poor circulation, tired legs and feet, and offers a refreshing, deeply moisturizing and grounding experience.

Warming Green Tea Indian Spice Oil Head/Neck/Shoulder Massage Treatment

Indulge your senses with the warm aromatic essential oils and spices within the specialty serum. The serum is designed with richly beneficial natural botanical ingredients that impart healthy and nourishing properties deep into the skin. Which leaves the mind and body softly relaxed and reinvigorated.

Post Treatment Relaxation Room

Continue to deepen your relaxation for up to 30 minutes after your massage, wellness treatment, manicure or pedicure in our post treatment relaxation room. Enjoy a cup of herbal tea, soft music and a warming fireplace while relaxing in a comfortable lounge chair.